Women-Focused Programs

As the leading expert in the field of Purseology, Deb has made it her mission to study women and their purses. Her hilarious look at the roles women play and the many purses they carry along the way, has resulted in standing ovations from women audiences across the country.

Embrace the Power of Your Purse-onality

Used as a follow-up program, this focuses on communication skills – how to identify your own personality style, along with its strengths and challenges, as well as improve communications and relationships between different personalities.

In PURSE-suit of superwoman

Deb DiSandro draws a parallel between women’s purses and the “baggage” of responsibilities, burdens, and worries they carry. Women learn how to lighten the load in their purses and in their lives.

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From Frazzled to Fantabulous

Author of Tales of a Slightly Off SuperMom: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and Clean Underwear, Deb DiSandro shares a humorous look at how women can manage the demands of work and home while maintaining not only their sanity, but their sense of humor while still being their fantabulous selves in the process.