Slightly Off Superstars

Completed the How to Run a 5K the Slightly Off Way program and ran not only one 5K, but three more since April 09!

Thank YOU for EVERYTHING you have done to make this such a great experience! You are a fantastic organizer, motivator, encourager, support system, and source of information, all wrapped up in one!

Cathy Reichl

newsletter reader

Attended the Wisconsin Women in Banking conference on April 29th and embraced the Super C concept to reduce her anxiety and increase her success both at work and at home!  Read about her amazing changes and discoveries:

At work I am a chronic overachiever/perfectionist and find it to be crippling — it is hard to make a decision or take a chance when you fear anything less than an A+.  I have been using your “earn a C” concept daily and my purse feels so much lighter!  I am currently working on my MBA and am taking online classes.  Online classes require constant online discussion postings.  I often find myself stuck when writing my posts because I am trying so hard to be eloquent and intellectual, and earn that A+.  When I allowed myself to “earn a C” the words just started coming out.  And guess what… I earned an A+ after all.

I was a super C rockstar at one of our meetings at the bank this week.  I used to get very nervous for these meetings and had trouble speaking up.  This week, I relaxed and didn’t worry so much about getting an “A”.  I spoke up frequently and confidently in the meeting and someone e-mailed my boss stating that they were impressed that I knew more about the credits than the loan officers did.

At home I usually get nervous about hosting get-togethers at my apartment.  I aimed for a C on memorial day, relaxed and didn’t stress about getting all of the details perfect.  Everything went great and I actually enjoyed having company over instead of constantly worrying about the details. And that’s not all!

I learned to enjoy riding, instead of constantly “training for an A” by allowing myself to earn a C when I ride my horse.  Surprise, surprise… when I relaxed and stop putting pressure on both of us my rides went better, I accomplished more, and fully enjoyed myself.  My relaxing hobby is truly relaxing again.

Monica Clauss

Attendee, Wisconsin Women in Banking Conference

Is a busy mom working full time in the banking industry.  She was feeling overwhelmed about the birth of her second child.  Her perfectionism was taking the joy out of parenting.  Although she couldn’t attend the Women in Banking conference in the Wisconsin Dells, I shared the concepts and coached her on how to let go of the Supermom syndrome.

I am feeling much better…with your advice, I’ve been disciplining myself to “stop and smell the roses”, and to spend quality time with my little one…life is so short and goes so fast that the “little moments” cannot be overlooked. I try to operate on the principle of enjoying the only moment I’m guaranteed, which is right now. I have given myself permission to earn a “C” for the very first time in my life, and I’m LOVING it!!

Jodi Schwefel


Attended the Dr. Slightly Off presentation on overcoming our buts to health at the ISSRT Conference in Springfield, IL. Afterwards, she followed my Kick But Pledge for 30 days and drastically reduced her intake of soda and energy drinks.

I recently attended the ISSRT Conference in Springfield and listened to your speech.  I thought that it was great.  I was also the student who was in the front row who got busted out about drinking energy drinks.  I have not been drinking them nearly as much and am also trying not to drink soda either. I drink lots of water and Gatorade now.  I break down every now and then though and buy either a soda or an energy drink.  Maybe once a week, but I was drinking a soda and energy drink everyday, so I think that’s pretty good!


Ali Payton

ISSRT Conference Attendee

Attended the School District Professional Development day seminar and has been kicking “buts” when it with her photo albums, one of those nagging tasks that continued to haunt her. She e-mailed four weeks in a row to win a Super C T-shirt and is still making progress!

At the in-service (for administrators of school district) you made me realize I can kick those “buts” if they are getting in the way of something I really want to do.  I’ve wanted to work on my pictures for so long “but” I kept thinking I needed long stretches of time when in reality I just needed the inspiration & to realize I could work on it a little at a time, like week by week.  Once I was communicating with you every week, I felt inspired to keep going.  Because you really seemed to care about what I was telling you, it made me want to keep going.  I’ve never gotten to the point that “I didn’t feel like doing it,” although sometimes I decide to take a nap instead and then maybe work on more photos the next day instead. The satisfaction of  finally getting my pictures organized, plus thinking of how proud you were/are of me keeps me motivated!

Mary Arnold

Attendee, School District Professional Development