I hear Deb is Your Speaker – Woot! Woot! What’s Next?

  1. Deb will call you to discuss travel logistics and other details in agreement and e-mail it to you. Once you review, sign and send it back to her with 50% deposit, your date is confirmed!
  1. Deb wants to hear all about your group. She will set up a date to chat with you and/or your committee so that she can fine-tune her presentation to your overall objectives
  1. A month before your event, Deb will need 5-7 contacts for members/staff or attendees, so that she can continue to understand and connect with your group.
  1. Deb will touch base with you a week prior to your event for a final overall presentation discussion along with any logistics for travel.
  1. When Deb arrives at your destination, she’ll let you know in a phone call or text.
  1. The day of the event, Deb will arrive at least an hour early to check logistics and set up for the presentation. She is there to support you in your goals too. You can bet Deb will be professional, clean, funny and memorable once she hits the platform.

Deb’s Preferred AV Needs

  • Deb requests a wireless lavalier microphone or a hand-held wireless.
  • She may use a PowerPoint presentation and would need an LCD projector (with sufficient lumens to project a BRIGHT screen with houselights ON), and a screen of adequate size for the room. Deb can bring her PPT on a flash drive and will always bring it on her laptop as a backup. SHE NEEDS AUDIO OUT CABLES TO PLAY VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO CLIPS from her PPT.

Deb DiSandro One-Sheet

Room Set Up

  • A raised platform is suggested if there are more than 65 people in attendance
  • Please place a small draped-table on the stage
  • Please put the first row of seats no more than 6-10 feet from the front edge of the platform
  • The ideal chair set-up for maximum involvement is chevron style – with NO center aisle. That way Deb won’t have to talk to an aisle with no one there! Fill up the space in the middle.
  • If you are using a head table or a lectern, please move that to the side before Deb’s presentation. She doesn’t use a lectern and needs lots of room to move around on stage in order to connect better with your attendees.