Deb’s Story

Deb at deskWhen one of the defining moments of your young life is the day you make a bunch of neighborhood kids laugh-out-loud, just because you say something silly and make a goofy face, you’re bound to fall in love with humor and laughter. And from the age of 5 that’s just what happened for me.
In speech class, I was the kid who wore a bathrobe and curlers to create a character who quickly had the whole room laughing. My heroines were Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball. And I imagined comedic tv acting was in my future.
That’s not what happened – yet.
I made my way into television behind the camera, writing promotional tv commercials for a CBS affiliate in Champaign, Illinois.
It wasn’t until I became a mom that my courage and creativity flourished. Raising three children with a husband who is the yin to your yang will do that to you! My miserations about mommy-hood lead me to writing a weekly humor column called Slightly Off, which I penned in the Chicagoland Daily Herald and other papers for 17 years and created a character called, Slightly Off Supermom who wore pink pig slippers and carried a big purse! She graces the cover of my book, Tales of a Slightly Off Supermom: Fighting for Truth, Justice and Clean Underwear!
And once again I heard the sound that was music to my ears – laughter.
It wasn’t long before I brought my humor messages to life on the stage and found that place where courage and creativity meet humor and laughter. Now my life-long goal is to inspire and motivate others to find this happy place too! It’s here that we can achieve success with more fun and less stress.
I want everyone to experience the joy of living Slightly Off-On Purpose too!