Business-Focused Topics

Deb calls herself a business humorist, but don’t let that fool you. Her content combines, evidence-based research, 20-plus years of working with clients and organizations in such industries as, finance, healthcare, education, government and more. Your needs and objectives are important to her! So peruse these topics and give her a call for more information about your event and topic details.

EQ + HQ = Woo Hoo!

Everyone thinks raising Emotional Intelligence is the key to building strong business relationships, but Motivational Humorist, Deb DiSandro, shares why adding humor and laughter is the Woo Hoo that takes you to WOW! She shares tips on how to raise your Humor Quotient in addition to your Emotional Intelligence to diffuse tension, build more cohesive teams, and reduce stress.

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Say Yes to the Stress

YES?! To STRESS?! That’s what motivational humorist and neuro-geek Deb DiSandro says! She puts the funny in brain science (bet you didn’t know there was funny in brain science!) and explains why stress can actually be beneficial when it’s directed in positive and empowering ways. She shows participants how to identify the different types of stress and how to use it to be more productive, build relationships, and reduce conflict.

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Super Support Staff to the Rescue

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your own Super Heroes! Motivational humorist, Deb DiSandro wants to uplift your Support Staff and help them to see the vital role they play in a successful, high-functioning organization. She identifies them as Super Heroes in disguise and shares tips on how they can stay calm and collected in a chaotic world – most of the time.

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Stop The Boring! Tell a Story

Storytelling is all the rage right now for sales people because when you tell me your credentials, and why I should buy from you, you make me want to YAWN! You are “boring yourself” right out of the sale or the connection you want to make when all you do is stick to the facts. You know you should tell a story. But how? That’s where humor instructor, 17-year humor columnist and author Deb DiSandro comes in! She’ll teach you storytelling skills that work to build relationships and close the sale.

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There’s No Crying in Customer Service

Using baseball inspiration, personal stories, and science-based research on performing under pressure, Deb shows participants how they can manage emotions under pressure. And most of all have fun doing it! Deb delivers a memorable message designed to increase courage and connection when it comes to dealing with the demands of customer service. She will also interview members of your staff and highlight them as the All Stars of your team!

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